Week 4 results?  Ba-bye, Victoria.

I was actually starting to go along with Tyra’s choice of Victoria.  I mean, sure, last week she had an awful photo, but the first week she was good.  But then she started in with the “I’m too smart to be a model” attitude and it made me wonder WHY she was doing it then.  When she kept saying the whole photo shoot was “so ludicrous” I knew she was a goner.  She jumped on Twiggy every single week.  (And who jumps on Twiggy, anyways?  She’s so… not Janice.”

Did you see how she took off her high heels the minute Saliesha’s name was announced?  Like she was relieved but trying to show how she didn’t care. 

My thought is… if you really don’t care… really… then why did you enter?  So you could be tough and say, “Yeah, I was GONNA be a model once… but I wanted to use my brain instead.”

Well she DIDN’T use her brain on ANTM.  Despite all her talk about how intelligent she was, she missed one of the major facts of life:  If you can’t get along with people, ain’t nobody gonna want you around.