Buddy TV has an interview posted with the ousted and prickly Victoria.  IMHO, she sounds exactly as snippy and snotty as she did on TV.  My favorite question from the interview:

Do you have a favorite photo that you’ve done while you were on the show?

That’s a real good question. I know everyone likes the smoking one, but I really like the rock climbing one, because I think it’s different from everybody else’s. It makes you want to keep looking at it.

Victoria on America’s Next Top Model

Uh… yeah.  It makes you keep looking at it because you look like a scared little freak.  It makes us want to call 911 and get you down.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s when someone tries out for something (like ANTM) as a “joke,” and not (wink wink) because they actually want to win.  Oh, no… we so don’t believe THAT.  Vic entered because she wanted to win.  And if she didn’t, she’s not nearly as smart as she makes herself out to be.  I can only hope that with all her education she will gain, as Nigel so aptly put it, some wisdom