mila america’s next top model

The Florida Flambeau talks about ANTM and how it portrays each of the contestants.  The impression I got from the article was that the writer was extremely bored with the show – as if nine cycles are enough thank you! – and she thinks the whole thing is now ridiculous.  I, however, disagree.  Sure, ANTM is the beast of all guilty pleasure, but there is a reason for that and it’s all Tyra.  If TyTy wants to post pictures of herself all over the model house – I say do it sister!  If she wants to bitch slap a model from arrogance to confidence, more power to her.  If she says green is the new black – then it is.  As far as that smoking ban?  I’m a fan of anyone that shows kids smoking ISN’T cool.

Of COURSE, it’s reality TV and therefore edited to enhance people’s personalities.  Would we watch if it weren’t?

The story does have a great quote from Mila.  Remember Mila?  Happy as a clam, giggly despite needing to be serious Mila? 

“I was shown as so positive and I am a positive person, but it was to such an extreme that it was funny to watch. Just for the show, they show the girls’ personalities to a very extreme point just to make it dramatic. All the girls were represented correctly but for example Bianca is shown as a bit mean in the first episode, but I just thought she was the sweetest girl.”