She’s back at it again.  Victoria, the model with absolutely no common sense has given an interview with TVGuide about her stint on ANTM. 

If this girl really thinks she’s making herself look better by talking to more people, she’s sadly mistaken.  For instance, when the interviewer joked that they were somewhat scared to be interviewing her, she implied that her jumping down Twiggy’s neck repeatedly was all editing.  All of it.  Hmmm…. So that should mean she’ll come off as NOT arrogant in this interview, eh? 

When the interviewer asked her about models like Chantal that have wanted to be a model their entire life, she replied:

 “Why would you want to be a walking coat hanger for the rest of your life?”

Yep – wise…. or not.  Again I have to wonder why this girl tried out for ANTM if she thought modeling was so stupid?  Does she just have a beauty complex?  Did she need the validation?  At the end of the interview she even says she’s keeping her options open to model in order to pay off school.  So which is it, Vic?  Incredibly stupid and below you… or something you’d be willing to do again?

The fact that her education has not graced her with wisdom is further evident by her final statment on the show: You said in your closing comments that you used to think that modeling was nothing more than sitting and looking pretty. What have you discovered that it is besides that?
Victoria: Well, it still is sitting still and looking pretty, despite how they’re going to try to sell you a different image on the show. If you’re a successful model with a specific look and a specific walk and you take good pictures, despite how people try to portray Top Model as being more than that, it really isn’t!

Apparently Vic knows all about modeling… because you don’t need to KNOW anything to model.  When you stare into the camera bug-eyed (ala the climbing shoot) well that’s not your fault, right?  You don’t have to know how to change your face and body.  Right?  Obviously, this very smart girl didn’t learn a thing.  Failure to learn… and even more prickly to boot.