It’s just after 2p.m. here in the Midwest, and I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to a new episode of ANTM.  Especially after the recap show.


Tyra’s already been on the local channels talking about the episode, which consists of the models wearing nude body stockings and pretending that they are part of “Bodyville.”  In addition to body image it looks like Tyra is trying to teach them to be sexy.  (There’s a preview on the CW site if you’re interested.) 

After that, they go on the set for a music video with Enrique Iglesias video where apparently one girl will pass out. 

Let’s see… girls that are living together, bugging each other, not eating, and then…. gasp… one of them actually passes out?  I can’t imagine.  (She said snarkily.)  I am interested in seeing how well some of the girls do, and am even going to make some predictions:

  • Ambreal will be able to pull out of her funk since she’s got the dance background.
  • Chantal has probably been in front of her bedroom mirror pretending to be in music videos since she was ten, so I’ll bet she does okay. 
  • Heather has the awkwardness with her body so she might struggle.
  • Saleisha is a wild-card these days… but I think she’ll pull it out.  She do her model thang and be good.
  • Sarah will work her ever-shrinking bod and look great doing it.
  • Jenah’s odd little face will not work in a video format, she’ll be in the bottom two for the first time.
  • Bianca will struggle.  She’ll end up looking like she’s ready to rumble rather than dance.
  • Lisa will over-think everything and look stiff and awkward.

Still, just because a model bombs at the music video challenge doesn’t mean she’ll get booted off.  (Remember Yoanna in Cycle 2?  She went ass over teakettle right on camera but still won the cycle.)  In the end, I predict Lisa will go home.  What do you think?