So… it’s been an entire week since my slight rant about ANTM and how they sent a perfectly healthy girl home while another one who didn’t eat was not even called on the carpet for holding up a music video shoot.  I think I’m all better now….. deep breaths…..

Now it’s time to focus on this week’s episode.  Apparently Heather will get to deal with someone (who could it be?  Bianca perhaps?) jabbing her about poses and stress and….. whatever else.  I just hope they don’t make a DEAL out the whole thing because really, which one of them ISN’T under stress?  It looks like they get no sleep and are constantly on each other’s nerves.  At least, that’s how they’re EDITED.  (Because as we know from the writer’s strike, reality TV doesn’t HAVE writers.  Wink wink.)  

Here’s the preview in case you’re interested.  Recap after the show.