ANTM was slightly predictable last night, as it was Ambreal that was sent home.  Well, we kinda knew that, didn’t we? 

But how did you like Benny Ninja’s getup:  black turtleneck, plaid kilt, black leggings, and a very stylish belt (natch).  FAB.  I knew when they said they were going to make new dresses out of old ones that they’d pull something out of an old grandma’s closet.  How’d ya like that big, flouncy blue material? I loved the look on Bianca’s face when Yuko Pena was telling her about her “Cleopatra” inspired design.  And Bianca really pulled it out!  She should have probably won.  Except that everyone really loves Saliesha.  She’s won quite a bit of challenges.  I think she’s a decent model, but she must really be one of those very likeable people in person, because all the designers and model managers really seem to likeher. 

Chantal’s weird stomp on the runway was too much.  When design student Richard Chan told her, “Show me a pose that makes you the model that you are” I knew she’d do that hand on hip scowl number she probably thinks looks FIERCE.  It doesn’t.   Jenah’s eyeball rolling really is starting to annoy me.  Did you see the look she made about Saliesha’s performance?  Rude.  And how hilarious was it when Jenah’s student, Angela Avanesyan, told her she saw a “ballerina” when she looks at her?  Only if the tutu can hold a pack of cigarettes, Angela. 

Of course we knew Heather would cry and stumble all episode.  Chantal was actually right when she told Heather she had to shake it off.  I mean, the girl just starts taking it out on everybody.  Bianca was also right when she said, “Did you think you’d be good at everything?”  What does this say when I’m actually agreeing with both Chantal and Bianca?


Back at the Fashion place, there is the Elite guy with Ann Shoket.  (Or should I say, Amy’s Grant’s doppelganger.)  Ann is wearing a yellow foofie dress with purple and magenta splotches.  She manages to make it look fun and summery rather than like a big loud mumu.  Extra points for that! When I first saw the previews, I thought the whole shower thing was going to consist of someone torturing Heather by stealing her clothes.  Instead she just went nuts and stripped down herself.  Sheesh.  She’s yelling at Bianca when she’s already in the shower.  Just take your shower and move on, Heather! 

The “model wasteland” shot has to be the ugliest yet.  I gotta say, the Cycle 9 girls haven’t exactly had the best photo shoots:  effects of smoking, gargoyles, GARBAGE…I thought each and every picture was pretty hideous.  Of course, Twiggy thought they were ALL “Lovely.”  Did she see the same pictures I saw?