Cherie Burbach used her experience with meeting her husband online to pen At the Coffee Shop, a humorous look at the world of Internet dating. Cherie has appeared on TV, radio, and in newspapers talking about what she did differently from other singles who’ve tried Internet dating without success. She knows what people look for in profiles, how to write paragraphs that show your unique personality, and how to manage the “art” of Internet dating.

Cherie knows what it’s like to maneuver the dating world while trying to find someone who is exactly right for you. She didn’t settle, and you shouldn’t either. Watch for Cherie’s new book, Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza.

Cherie is the author of three poetry books. Her latest, Father’s Eyes, has received the 2008 Editor’s Choice Award by Allbooks Review. She is also a blogger for the hit shows Celebrity Apprentice and Heroes.

And lest she get bored, she also blogs about Jennifer Lopez, Scrapbooking on the Cheap, and being Frugalicious.

Readers have resonated with Cherie’s honest and inspirational “This I Believe” essay, which is the second-most popular out of over 32,000 entries on the NPR website. For more information, please visit Cherie’s website.


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