A Little Snarkiness

I came across an interesting article on BuddyTV about tonite’s ANTM finale.  In it, they talked about why this Cycle is the worst ever. 

Well, I don’t agree…but I do think when you’ve had so many of the Cycles you’re bound to get a little bored with it.  It is formumatic.  And while it’s fun to watch, you can literally put anyone in the model slots and run the same Cycle all over again.  So I get what they’re saying.

What do you think?  Are you bored with ANTM?  Pop on over to BuddyTV and take their quiz about Cycle 10.  (I did, of course.)  When I entered my opinion, here’s what came up:




So… it’s been an entire week since my slight rant about ANTM and how they sent a perfectly healthy girl home while another one who didn’t eat was not even called on the carpet for holding up a music video shoot.  I think I’m all better now….. deep breaths…..

Now it’s time to focus on this week’s episode.  Apparently Heather will get to deal with someone (who could it be?  Bianca perhaps?) jabbing her about poses and stress and….. whatever else.  I just hope they don’t make a DEAL out the whole thing because really, which one of them ISN’T under stress?  It looks like they get no sleep and are constantly on each other’s nerves.  At least, that’s how they’re EDITED.  (Because as we know from the writer’s strike, reality TV doesn’t HAVE writers.  Wink wink.)  

Here’s the preview in case you’re interested.  Recap after the show.

So have you noticed Tyra is sporting some serious BANGS these days.  I actually like her with bangs, but this hairstylist says hers are a bit heavy.  He also said women are copying Kate Moss for this look. 

Kate Moss? 


Uh… don’t think so.

Hilarious joke video on YouTube about ANTM.  Take with a grain of salt.

The Miami Herald has a post about “5 things you didn’t know about psoriasis” along with Caridee English’s picture.  Check out this picture – I mean… she actually won ANTM, right?



You guys remember Shandi (Sullivan), right?  She’s the geeky Walgreen’s store clerk who auditioned for ANTM and got to the top three.  Tyra saw something in her… but, do we even now know what?  To top it off, she cheated on her boyfriend back home while on the show, then confessed to him (to torture him some more) then said he was the only one that ever really supported her. 


Came across this hiliarious post about her from Tony’s Kansas City blog.  Don’t forget to read the comments at the end… priceless.


Caridee displays her knowledge of posing at Pepa’s b’day party.

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