victoria america’s next top model

At first I thought I was going to be bored to tears by this episode recap tonite.  But it was interesting to see the girls in the earlier scenes now that we’ve come to know them more and more each week.

It was surprising to me that Victoria seemed even more “prickly” than before.  I thought perhaps it was a recent thing right before she got booted off the show… but no.  How did you like her stripping down on the boat to beg Tyra to let her be on the show?  Pathetic?  Ridiculous?  And then the whole fainting deal before panel?  Yikes. 

I’d forgotten that Janet demonstrated the whole bikini wax thing on Tyra.  Hilarious!  I mean, she actually put her hands on TyTy’s buttocks in order to properly show how it’s done, and then spanked her on the ass!  Too much.  I’ll say it again, that Liza haircut did her in… plain and simple.

And Ebony… what the heck happened to Ebony?  Now that we got to see her again in the beginning and how she was smack talking and telling people she was a “fierce bitch”…. whoa.  Compare that to the sniveling woman who begged to go home.  I actually think Tyra might be right, she didn’t like the critique and criticism that comes with modeling.

danielle evans

I’m surprised to see how many cameos Dani(or Danielle, as she was known in Cycle 6) is making this round.  Tyra must really like her.  I have to say she’s one of my favorites, too.  I couldn’t believe it when she said the first thing they told her was to lose weight!  What is wrong with these people! 

On a separate note, it was hilarious/disturbing/ridiculous/fascinating to see Bianca’s series of confrontations.  That girl has got into it with everyone in the house, and for no other apparent reason than to mix it up.  Did you see her skip in front of Heather to use the phone?  Why?  How old are we? 

  chantal confronts bianca

The BIGGEST surprise of the night came when Chantalgot up in Bianca’s face for a change!  I have to say I have a new-found respect for Chantal now.

I guess Bianca got hers when she ran at full speed into a glass door.  I mean, she even had the eye prints on the glass!  That must have hurt like a mo-fo. 



I guess I’m not the only one who liked Janet.  The folks over at TV Cocktail miss her too.  They quoted Janet saying of her ANTM experience that she:

“constantly stopped herself, and asked whether her mother and father would be honored by her actions.”

A girl with a brain and humility too.  It’s too bad they gave her that awful Liza haircut.  That’s what did her in!  I’m convinced.

In each ANTM Cycle there seems to be one girl who has to beg the others to clean up after themselves.  This round, it’s Janet.  What is with these piggy girls?  So pretty and so sloppy.  Honestly.

So let’s get to it.  Did you all get to see Ann Shoket from Seventeen Magazine?  Is it just me or does this chick look exactly like Amy Grant

Exhibit A:



Okay, back to business…. We HAVE to talk about the trampoline deal.  First of all, that trampoline looked awfully narrow to me.  I can see what some of these girls almost broke their pretty little necks.  Since they all weigh about 97 pounds I can’t imagine what would happen if Benny Ninja had a regular girl up there. 

Ebony… I love Ebony, I really do.  I picked her early on to be of “model quality” but what’s with not wanting to smile?  You’re a MODEL girlfriend!  Let the pearly whites show.  But while I adore Ebony, I could barely watch her do the trampoline.  Seriously… those long legs of hers went flying everywhere. 

Ambreal was very graceful.  The dancing background must have paid off.  

Lisa is another favorite of mine, but she needs to stop over analyzing everything.  Thinking is great – but OVER analyzing every move makes them look scripted and unnatural. 

And Heather… another fave… but did it seem like she was just a tad snarky with the girl’s this week?   Watching her on the trampoline and the ice was unbearable.

Speaking of which…. I actually said before Bianca seemed to be getting nicer… but now I see that isn’t true.  What’s with the nasty comment about the zit!  Come on now. 

Oh well… back to Janetand the photo shoot.  She was so worried about her undies that she ended up taking lots and lots of really bad pictures.  Besides that, I don’t think her new black Liza hair did her any favors.  More of the episode summary here.  But ya all know the ending… ba-bye Mama Janet.  Now who will help de-clutter the house?