Makeover Episodes


In Episode 4, Sarah won the make up challenge and got to do a video for Cover’s new Online Make Up Mirror.  Have you checked it out yet?  If not, follow this link and you’ll be able to see Ms. Sarah in action.  You can also vote for the Cover Girl of the week there, too. 




Very funny (snarky) column over at Entertainment Weekly.  It’s a “multiple choice” take on the makeover episode. 

Okay, so now that we got that whole Ba-Bye Prickly Vickie thing out of the way, it’s time to talk makeovers.  Was ANYONE suprised that Bianca was the one that went bald (or nearly so)?  Are we really expected to believe that her makeover “went wrong” and they had to buzz her hair down at the last minute? 

Bianca Bald Bianca

No matter.  She looks a ga-zillion percent better!  She actually… dare I say it… looks modelish.  Plus, I did get a bit choked up when she said her mother told her once a girl cuts her hair, she’s no longer attractive.  Why do women say things like that to one another?  Let alone to their daughters! 

I liked what they did with Ambreal, Janet, and Sarah.  Although I wonder if the new cut and dye job makes Janet look a little too old now?  I’m still not sure on Ebony’s new do, but I hope it does give her the confidence she needs because she was originally one of my faves. 

The one I completely don’t understand is Jenah:


Every cycle there is one girl they make look like a total albino, and it looks like Jenah is the one this ’round.  We’ll see if the blonde hair keeps her getting those high marks from the judges.


Week 4 results?  Ba-bye, Victoria.

I was actually starting to go along with Tyra’s choice of Victoria.  I mean, sure, last week she had an awful photo, but the first week she was good.  But then she started in with the “I’m too smart to be a model” attitude and it made me wonder WHY she was doing it then.  When she kept saying the whole photo shoot was “so ludicrous” I knew she was a goner.  She jumped on Twiggy every single week.  (And who jumps on Twiggy, anyways?  She’s so… not Janice.”

Did you see how she took off her high heels the minute Saliesha’s name was announced?  Like she was relieved but trying to show how she didn’t care. 

My thought is… if you really don’t care… really… then why did you enter?  So you could be tough and say, “Yeah, I was GONNA be a model once… but I wanted to use my brain instead.”

Well she DIDN’T use her brain on ANTM.  Despite all her talk about how intelligent she was, she missed one of the major facts of life:  If you can’t get along with people, ain’t nobody gonna want you around.


Well, guys, tonite is the night we wait for each and every cycle of America’s Next Top Model:


According to TV Guide, one girl “gets all of her hair cut off. That’s right, she’s B-A-L-D.”

Wow!  Who will it be?  Any guesses?