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Looks like this week’s ANTM will be a “recap of the season” episode, with “never-before-seen footage.”  According to the Top Model website, clips will include Bianca’s confrontations with Chantal and Ebony, and a scene where Jenah chips her tooth.  “Later, Tyra talks to the girls about body image and Bianca runs into a glass door and hurts her lip. This episode recaps the process that the eight remaining girls have survived in hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model.”

But I’m sure they’ll be enough to chat about after.


On a seperate note, I finally caught a few of the Cycle 7 episodes and was very surprised to see the Caridee bitchiness and Melrose drama.  I hate that two gals gaining up on one thing, and think Melrose was probably very misunderstood.  Caridee’s personality is a lot to be desired.  Perhaps it’s all editing, but I felt bad for Melrose.  I think the only thing she was guilty of was WANTING IT. 

Here’s a video clip I found on Melrose.




Entertainment! Base! Fun! Daily! reports that Russell Simmons and Naima Mora were seen “huddled close together” recently at the Complex Magazine fourth anniversary party. 

Russ… really?  We love Naima as much as the next entertainment blog, but she’s a bit too young for you. 

On our related Celebrity Romance Report blog, we recently named Russell as one of the “Top Single Celebs” around.  We’re hoping this is just a rumor and not the real thang.