Naima Mora


The CW Source blog has a great video from an ANTM viewing party in New York recently.  Paulina Porizkova is there chatting about her upcoming gig (and looking absolutely FABULOUS, by the way) and Nigel Barker talks about the upcoming Cycle and some of the past models. 

Also in attendance is Cycle 4 winner Naima Mora and Cycle 2 contestant April Wilkner


Now, I loved Naima while she was on, I routed for her, but in hearing her interviewed it sounds like she’s kind of just floating around and being giggly and not focused.  For some reason, this irritates me.  She also talks of being in a band… and apparently this has to do with her “friendship” with Russell Simmons.

April Wilkner, at least, sounds very busy.  She’s managed to make her time on ANTM valuable.  Good news.



Entertainment! Base! Fun! Daily! reports that Russell Simmons and Naima Mora were seen “huddled close together” recently at the Complex Magazine fourth anniversary party. 

Russ… really?  We love Naima as much as the next entertainment blog, but she’s a bit too young for you. 

On our related Celebrity Romance Report blog, we recently named Russell as one of the “Top Single Celebs” around.  We’re hoping this is just a rumor and not the real thang.