victoria america’s next top model

At first I thought I was going to be bored to tears by this episode recap tonite.  But it was interesting to see the girls in the earlier scenes now that we’ve come to know them more and more each week.

It was surprising to me that Victoria seemed even more “prickly” than before.  I thought perhaps it was a recent thing right before she got booted off the show… but no.  How did you like her stripping down on the boat to beg Tyra to let her be on the show?  Pathetic?  Ridiculous?  And then the whole fainting deal before panel?  Yikes. 

I’d forgotten that Janet demonstrated the whole bikini wax thing on Tyra.  Hilarious!  I mean, she actually put her hands on TyTy’s buttocks in order to properly show how it’s done, and then spanked her on the ass!  Too much.  I’ll say it again, that Liza haircut did her in… plain and simple.

And Ebony… what the heck happened to Ebony?  Now that we got to see her again in the beginning and how she was smack talking and telling people she was a “fierce bitch”…. whoa.  Compare that to the sniveling woman who begged to go home.  I actually think Tyra might be right, she didn’t like the critique and criticism that comes with modeling.

danielle evans

I’m surprised to see how many cameos Dani(or Danielle, as she was known in Cycle 6) is making this round.  Tyra must really like her.  I have to say she’s one of my favorites, too.  I couldn’t believe it when she said the first thing they told her was to lose weight!  What is wrong with these people! 

On a separate note, it was hilarious/disturbing/ridiculous/fascinating to see Bianca’s series of confrontations.  That girl has got into it with everyone in the house, and for no other apparent reason than to mix it up.  Did you see her skip in front of Heather to use the phone?  Why?  How old are we? 

  chantal confronts bianca

The BIGGEST surprise of the night came when Chantalgot up in Bianca’s face for a change!  I have to say I have a new-found respect for Chantal now.

I guess Bianca got hers when she ran at full speed into a glass door.  I mean, she even had the eye prints on the glass!  That must have hurt like a mo-fo. 



She’s back at it again.  Victoria, the model with absolutely no common sense has given an interview with TVGuide about her stint on ANTM. 

If this girl really thinks she’s making herself look better by talking to more people, she’s sadly mistaken.  For instance, when the interviewer joked that they were somewhat scared to be interviewing her, she implied that her jumping down Twiggy’s neck repeatedly was all editing.  All of it.  Hmmm…. So that should mean she’ll come off as NOT arrogant in this interview, eh? 

When the interviewer asked her about models like Chantal that have wanted to be a model their entire life, she replied:

 “Why would you want to be a walking coat hanger for the rest of your life?”

Yep – wise…. or not.  Again I have to wonder why this girl tried out for ANTM if she thought modeling was so stupid?  Does she just have a beauty complex?  Did she need the validation?  At the end of the interview she even says she’s keeping her options open to model in order to pay off school.  So which is it, Vic?  Incredibly stupid and below you… or something you’d be willing to do again?

The fact that her education has not graced her with wisdom is further evident by her final statment on the show: You said in your closing comments that you used to think that modeling was nothing more than sitting and looking pretty. What have you discovered that it is besides that?
Victoria: Well, it still is sitting still and looking pretty, despite how they’re going to try to sell you a different image on the show. If you’re a successful model with a specific look and a specific walk and you take good pictures, despite how people try to portray Top Model as being more than that, it really isn’t!

Apparently Vic knows all about modeling… because you don’t need to KNOW anything to model.  When you stare into the camera bug-eyed (ala the climbing shoot) well that’s not your fault, right?  You don’t have to know how to change your face and body.  Right?  Obviously, this very smart girl didn’t learn a thing.  Failure to learn… and even more prickly to boot.

Victoria America’s Next Top Model

The ever humble and down-to-earth Victoria has given another interview, this time to TV Blend.  She still insists that she’s not prickly!  (She just asks lots of questions and interrupts people when it’s not her turn to talk.)  She claims she was “edited” to look the way she did on the show.  However, to be edited down to saying that the photoshoot was “so ludicrous” means that at some point she actually said it.

Here’s my favorite quote from the interview:

You said on the show that you learned a lot from being a model.

I went into the competition thinking that this was an industry that valued walking coat hangers and nothing really beyond that. I came out of it sort of thinking the same thing.

Way to underscore your prickliness, Vic!

Buddy TV has an interview posted with the ousted and prickly Victoria.  IMHO, she sounds exactly as snippy and snotty as she did on TV.  My favorite question from the interview:

Do you have a favorite photo that you’ve done while you were on the show?

That’s a real good question. I know everyone likes the smoking one, but I really like the rock climbing one, because I think it’s different from everybody else’s. It makes you want to keep looking at it.

Victoria on America’s Next Top Model

Uh… yeah.  It makes you keep looking at it because you look like a scared little freak.  It makes us want to call 911 and get you down.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s when someone tries out for something (like ANTM) as a “joke,” and not (wink wink) because they actually want to win.  Oh, no… we so don’t believe THAT.  Vic entered because she wanted to win.  And if she didn’t, she’s not nearly as smart as she makes herself out to be.  I can only hope that with all her education she will gain, as Nigel so aptly put it, some wisdom

Okay, so now that we got that whole Ba-Bye Prickly Vickie thing out of the way, it’s time to talk makeovers.  Was ANYONE suprised that Bianca was the one that went bald (or nearly so)?  Are we really expected to believe that her makeover “went wrong” and they had to buzz her hair down at the last minute? 

Bianca Bald Bianca

No matter.  She looks a ga-zillion percent better!  She actually… dare I say it… looks modelish.  Plus, I did get a bit choked up when she said her mother told her once a girl cuts her hair, she’s no longer attractive.  Why do women say things like that to one another?  Let alone to their daughters! 

I liked what they did with Ambreal, Janet, and Sarah.  Although I wonder if the new cut and dye job makes Janet look a little too old now?  I’m still not sure on Ebony’s new do, but I hope it does give her the confidence she needs because she was originally one of my faves. 

The one I completely don’t understand is Jenah:


Every cycle there is one girl they make look like a total albino, and it looks like Jenah is the one this ’round.  We’ll see if the blonde hair keeps her getting those high marks from the judges.


Week 4 results?  Ba-bye, Victoria.

I was actually starting to go along with Tyra’s choice of Victoria.  I mean, sure, last week she had an awful photo, but the first week she was good.  But then she started in with the “I’m too smart to be a model” attitude and it made me wonder WHY she was doing it then.  When she kept saying the whole photo shoot was “so ludicrous” I knew she was a goner.  She jumped on Twiggy every single week.  (And who jumps on Twiggy, anyways?  She’s so… not Janice.”

Did you see how she took off her high heels the minute Saliesha’s name was announced?  Like she was relieved but trying to show how she didn’t care. 

My thought is… if you really don’t care… really… then why did you enter?  So you could be tough and say, “Yeah, I was GONNA be a model once… but I wanted to use my brain instead.”

Well she DIDN’T use her brain on ANTM.  Despite all her talk about how intelligent she was, she missed one of the major facts of life:  If you can’t get along with people, ain’t nobody gonna want you around.