Have you seen Saliesha’s Seventeen Magazine cover yet?

She looks very cute.  But who has the best ever cover for the mag?  You can vote over at FabSugar, they’re running a poll between the likes of CariDee, Jaslene, and Saliesha.  I’ll give you a heads up and say that CariDee is winning, although personally I think Saliesha’s is the best.

What do you think?



Think you’ve got what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model?  Think you can walk better than CariDee or talk better than Naima?  Download an application today!


Remember Jade from Cycle 6Here she is showing off her apple bottoms…

This video of Danielle falling in those super high shoes always makes me cringe:


Sarah talks about getting the boot from ANTM.  Check out how much weight she lost:

3 1/2 POUNDS!

(And she’s 5’10” people!)


Identify this ANTM contestant. 

The Miami Herald has a post about “5 things you didn’t know about psoriasis” along with Caridee English’s picture.  Check out this picture – I mean… she actually won ANTM, right?