Sarah talks about getting the boot from ANTM.  Check out how much weight she lost:

3 1/2 POUNDS!

(And she’s 5’10” people!)


heather america’s next top model

Asperger’s Syndrome has been talked about more lately because of Heather of America’s Next Top Model.  I came across this quiz in the health blogs here at WordPress…. and thought I’d link to see how much we all know about the subject.  Did you find anything that suprised you? 


ANTM judge and, as Tyra announces each week, fashion icon Twiggy is set to write about style.  Specifically, style over 40.  Her book will be titled Those Fab Forties, Fifties and Sixties and will offer “advice to older women about updating their image with the right makeup and skin care.”


Well, she looks pretty good at 58, so she might know what she’s talking about.


Looks like this week’s ANTM will be a “recap of the season” episode, with “never-before-seen footage.”  According to the Top Model website, clips will include Bianca’s confrontations with Chantal and Ebony, and a scene where Jenah chips her tooth.  “Later, Tyra talks to the girls about body image and Bianca runs into a glass door and hurts her lip. This episode recaps the process that the eight remaining girls have survived in hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model.”

But I’m sure they’ll be enough to chat about after.


On a seperate note, I finally caught a few of the Cycle 7 episodes and was very surprised to see the Caridee bitchiness and Melrose drama.  I hate that two gals gaining up on one thing, and think Melrose was probably very misunderstood.  Caridee’s personality is a lot to be desired.  Perhaps it’s all editing, but I felt bad for Melrose.  I think the only thing she was guilty of was WANTING IT. 

Here’s a video clip I found on Melrose.


Ebony America’s Next Top Model

Ebony did an interview with BuddyTV about her experience on ANTM.  Check out what she says when asked if she wants to continue to model:

Yes, I’m interested in modeling and if I want to make a career out of it? Yes, but now my passion is definitely nursing, I’m in nursing school right now and I’m going for my major next semester, and I’m very excited about that. But I’m not sure if I want to make a career out of modeling as of yet, but I don’t know if things may change down the line.

Yiiiikes.  I’m disappointed by this because I thought Ebony was one of the more “modelish” looking girls in the beginning.  I looked forward to hearing what she had to say about her experience, but what she said in the interview didn’t impress me.  She seemed very wishy washy. 

I’ll give her this:  I can totally understand not wanting to do reality TV.  Cameras in your face every minute?  People cutting and pasting snippets of your best or worst moments together?  Blech.  Still…. it’s fun to watch.


I guess I’m not the only one who liked Janet.  The folks over at TV Cocktail miss her too.  They quoted Janet saying of her ANTM experience that she:

“constantly stopped herself, and asked whether her mother and father would be honored by her actions.”

A girl with a brain and humility too.  It’s too bad they gave her that awful Liza haircut.  That’s what did her in!  I’m convinced.

How great was it to see Tyson Beckford this week?  I would have probably screamed by head off, too.  That boy is hot.  Didn’t you love how Ambreal kept the mango Tyson bit out of? 



I actually thought Heather would have struggled with this challenge, but seemed to get into it as much as the other’s girls.  And I’m really starting to wonder about Chantal.  She can’t speak!  But I suppose that never stopped Jaslene from winning.  Plus you knew Ebony was just not going to do well the whole episode when she couldn’t even mug with Tyson.  The male Ty Ty!