Ebony America’s Next Top Model

I have to say that America’s Next Top Model is getting a bit predictable.  They always start out with one or two models either whining about their performance, or saying boldly that they’ll never drop to the bottom two, as Saliesha did in Week 4.  This week Ebony says she doesn’t think her personality is cut out for modeling. 

Hmmm…. gosh…. I wonder who will be sent home?

Besides that, Ebony just confuses the heck out of me.  At first she was super-confident and strong.  Remember that first week when she actually rubbed Bianca the wrong way and B tattled to Tyra that Ebony was super-arrogant?  This prompted Tyra to confront her and ask her what the deal is with her attitude.  After that, Ebony started bawling.  And she hasn’t stopped since.  Either Tyra broke that girl down or Bianca got inside her head.  Either way, she went steadily downhill.  Who knows how far she would have gone if she hadn’t taken herself out of the running. 

Didn’t you guys love how Tyra says, “There’s nothing more unattractive than a quitter, so you can go.”  Love the Ty Ty!