Oh… Janice.  We love Janice Dickinson … but sometimes, she sticks in her foot in her every growing plastic mouth.  For example, this clip from the Today Show where she “jokingly” calls Ms. Tyra fat for this swimsuit picture.


Now she says it’s a joke.  What do you think?



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Like I said last week, ANTM is getting a bit predictable.  After all, who was surprised to see Lisa go home?  She’s had a couple poor showings and then that over-thinking thing was just too much.  When I saw her start to cry this week, I knew she was a goner. 

I also thought Tyra’s advice to her was AWFUL.  I mean, “If you feel as if you’re going to cry, just cry.”  What the heck kind of advice is that?  How about, “If you think you’re going to cry, get out of your head and act professional.” 

THAT’s better advice… courtesy of moi.  Thank you very much.

I also wasn’t surprised to see Heather in the bottom two.  For the last couple weeks they’ve really started to show her melting down more and flubbing up.  She’s having a hard time speaking, and if she continues you know she ain’t gonna be AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. 

But she’ll be okay.  She takes a darn good picture.  This week I was very surprised at the one she took:


And once again…. I’m back to liking Chantal.  Apparently I won’t be able to make up my mind about her until the end.  Some weeks she comes off super arrogant, and this week she came off okay.  I do like that she seems to stick up for people and also that she doesn’t take any shit.  It was awesome how she got Bianca and Jenah to share a bed so that Heather could have one.  Heather needs to just suck it up and not act like a ten year old, but at the same time the girls are so obnoxious with her. 

Chantal did well this week.  But it was a Cover Girl shoot, which means you have to be super cute.  Chantal can do CUTE… almost to the point of puking.  I’ve liked her shots better the last two weeks, and didn’t as much this week:


I think Miss J hit the nail on the head when he said, “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.”  Compare this to last week with the whole “I’m ethereal” outfit and then stomping ahead like she was pissed. 

And WHAT the heck was the deal with Bianca and her “trust issue.”  Come on… seriously…. BIANCA was afraid of heights.  I predict Bianca will be voted off soon, but for now… she makes good TV. 

I also loved that Nigel said Jenah “lacked charm.”  I think she does, too!  She looks like she just crawled out of bed and rammed a cigarette in her mouth.  This “I’m a tough rocker chick” attitude is so yesterday…. and it doesn’t suit her.  She looked completely out of place in the Cover Girl commercial, and even though the judges seemed to like her picture, how would they realistically be able to use it as a print ad:


They wouldn’t.  Nigel also said she wasn’t showing “any beauty from within.”  WOW!  He meant business this week.  Anyways, next week should be fun because it’s the go’sees episode…. can’t wait.

Worried about the writer’s strike will affect ANTM?  BuddyTV says it will have no impact. 

That means more TyTy, people!


Tyra talks va-jay-jay.  Details.


Body image is a hot topic with Tyra Banks.  She made it a point to talk to the girls about it in the last recap episode of ANTM.  At the end of that episode we got a sneak peak of the models wearing nude body stockings.  We wondered why.  Now we know.

Tyra told Good Morning America that the episode was part of a “social experiment” where the girls played residents of a fictional town called Bodyville.  The girls had to wear the body stockings and then evaluate themselves and each other.  Many “heart-wrenching and disturbing comments” came out of that episode, which will be a two-parter. 


Tyra Banks has signed an exclusive development and production deal with Warner Bros. Entertainment. Under terms of the multiyear pact, Banks production company Bankable Productions will create and produce original primetime television series programming via the Studios Warner Bros.

Tyra seems to be a celebrity that people like to make fun of.  She’s over the top – at least that’s the persona on TV.  They mock her speech, the fact that she’s got pictures of herself all over….

Personally, I love people that get made fun of but are laughing all the way to the bank.  I say:  go Tyra!